Bryan Abasolo Claps Back At The ‘Disgusting’ Comments Rachel Lindsay Gets On Her Platform!

Rachel Lindsay ‘s husband, Bryan Abasolo, is rather disgusted by all the ‘vile’ things people write in her comment section on social media! That being said, he made sure to defend her while criticizing all those haters who say such terrible things all the while hidden behind their devices’ screens.

Naturally, the Bachelorette alum’s life partner gets to see and experience all these things being said alongside her and he’s not happy about it.

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Bryan talked about this and more on his Talking It Out podcast, mentioning that he would rather her not respond to the hate, especially since they’ve both realized replying has a very weird outcome as well!

‘I feel like if you give them energy, you are bringing something to life that should’ve never been alive. People write the most disgusting and vile stuff to her and she will actually respond – she is a lawyer, so she’ll hit her back with the facts. The person does not even answer back with the responses. Instead they just respond with, ‘Oh my god, I love you. I did not think you would respond,’ and it is like how did you say what you just said that was so malicious and then totally flip? Like ‘Oh my god, I am sorry. I didn’t think you would respond.’

Furthermore, the man sweetly gushed over his wife of almost two years as well.

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While chatting with co-host Mike Johnson and guest Jason Tartick, he told them that ‘Rachel just had like an x factor. She was a triple threat—brains, beauty, personality and a great sense of humor. She was a professional. She had a career. Everything on paper was top notch–everything I could ever want in a woman, in a wife, everything. But the thing is, she keeps me on my toes…She challenges me to be a better man.’

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