Breakfast For Healthy Skin And Hair:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The overnight fasting period breaks breakfast. Morning meals boost our energy. Many people skip their breakfast. But that’s not a good idea. You should always start your day with a healthy meal. Breakfast prevents weight gain and eating too much during the day. Breakfast is good for memory. A healthy breakfast reduces the risk of illness. Studies say people who regularly skip their breakfast have a higher chance of suffering from migraines, so skipping breakfast is not a good idea.

1.  Some best food for the morning:

Some of the healthy breakfasts that can help you for good health.

a)   Oats:

Oats is one of the healthiest food. Oats are filled with full fiber. It has vitamins minerals, protein. It’s a plant-based protein. Oats improve cholesterol levels. Oats reduce the risk of heart disease and fever. So if you want to eat good food for breakfast. Oats are the best option for you.

b)   Morning drink:

Morning drink is also very important for health. Green tea, good for belly fat. It’s a zero-calorie drink which is very good for the morning. Have a cup of green tea before you start your work, it makes you more energetic. If you like fruits, drink a glass of orange juice.

You can drink Orange juice for skin lightening. It makes your skin more beautiful.

c)   Eggs:

Eggs have full of vitamins A, D, and B12. two eggs contain more than 50% of choline and 8-gram protein as well. Naturally, our body needs protein. Protein takes longer to digest than carbs. A full egg keeping you fuller longer. Make your breakfast with protein and fiber. Start your day with egg toast. With some broccoli, sliced tomato. And green juices for glowing skin.

d)   Smoothie:

When your breakfast is done with egg or healthy food. Go for a smoothie. Spinach is a great option for breakfast. Spinach boosts our energy and fights against low cholesterol. Those who are dealing with diabetics, drink a spinach smoothie daily.  It’s the best juice for skin and hair also.

e)   Banana and peanut butter smoothie:

Smoothie is all-time good as a snack. banana, peanut butter, and a mixture of honey is a delicious and healthy smoothie. If you like to add your favorite protein powder go for it.This is a skin whitening drink in 7 days.

2. Start your day with a healthy routine:

We start our day in the morning. So it’s important we start our day with good things maybe the rest of the day is also good too. Drink at least one glass of water. our body needs water after we wake up in the morning. This is one of the best morning drinks for glowing skin.

●     Exercise:

Nothing is better than starting your day with exercise. A simple walk can give you a better life. Healthy food and activity both are equally important for us.  Exercise improves our skin too. It nourishes our skin cells. It makes our blood circulation better, blood flow carries away waste products. Exercice deliver oxygen and nutrience in our body. Which gives us healthy skin. Exercice reduce acne problem. Our skin gets natural oil when we do regularly workout. So our complexion looks more smooth. When we regularly exercice our skin get Tan. Tan color make our skin dull. So which kind of exercice best for skin.

●     Best exercice:

Swimming is the best exercice for skin. Swimming keeps us cool when our body build up temperature during exercice.

3. Conclusion:

One particular thing never make anything perfect. So if we need a perfect skin and healthy body. We shoud focus on some besic things in life. Like our breakfast to dinner and everything.

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