Bobby Valentino Spotted Gently Placing Dollar Bills On Dancers’ Heads In Strip Club (Video)

Some people make it rain in the strip club and others apparently like to make their experience a little bit more personal. Bobby Valentino has found a new way to share his wealth in the club and it definitely has people talking.

Bobby V was at a day party in Atlanta over the weekend where the strippers were in abundance.

While the ladies were twerkin’ and making it shake, Bobby Valentino decided to distribute his funds in a not so traditional way.

Rather than throwing money in the club, Bobby V preferred to gently place cash atop the dancers’ heads.

He walked past the dancers and made sure everyone got a bill. You can check out the video below:

I don’t know if Bobby will start a new trend with this one, but his way of spending in the club definitely caught people’s attention.

“Ah dollar for you…ah dollar for you…and ah dollar for you,” one Roommate joked.

“He looks like he’s playing duck, duck, goose with them,” another laughed.

But not everyone thought Bobby’s method of strip club spending was funny.

“This doesn’t sit right with me, kind of disrespectful if you ask me!!!!” one person said.

“This seems almost more disrespectful (than) the traditional route,” another Roommate added.

Others used the opportunity to once again bring up Bobby’s infamous rumored past.

“Lmaooo because that’s not what he wants to see. Still love you Bobby,” one Roommate commented in reference to a past sex scandal involving Bobby and a trans woman who alleged Bobby tried to coerce her into sex. Bobby denied anything happened.

What are your thoughts on Bobby doing this? Let us know.

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