‘Black Widow’s David Harbour Teases Red Guardian Vs. Captain America Story – Deadline

Warning: The following has spoilers about Black Widow opening on July 9

In the upcoming long-awaited Disney/Marvel movie Black Widow we meet Natasha Romanoff’s paternal figure if you will, Alexei Shostakov, played by David Harbour. In his heyday, Alexei was the Soviet version of Captain America. This is talked about in the upcoming film.

Today, at a press conference for Black Widow, when asked whether he’d like to see such Captain America vs. Red Guardian story, Harbour exclaimed, “What’s funny about Alexei, you have this 25-year gap we don’t know about (in the movie). We see him in Ohio and in the prison. And even before the prison, there was a time when he was the Red Guardian, he must have put the suit back on. There is this period of time where he has all these stories about his life. It’s questionable whether or not they’re real.”

He added, “I do think the classic Cold War thing is a really fun and funny dynamic between these two guys and the fact that they came up like nuclear warheads like in an arms-race together. I think it’s a great concept that could be explored further.”

“Is Kevin Feige in the room, did he hear?” quipped the actor who was on the Zoom presser with the Marvel Boss.

Already we know Black Widow will connect into the upcoming Disney+ Hawkeye series with the former pic’s Florence Pugh, who plays Yelena Belova, making an appearance in the show.

Black Widow hits movie theaters and Disney+ on July 9. We’re already hearing that ticket presales are hot.

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