Best Samsung Washing Machines to Consider Buying Right Now



You may find various machines in the market that can satisfy your momentary need of washing clothes, but Samsung has redefined the washing machine concept.

With its futuristic technology and convenient features, the Samsung washing machine is worth the money. Further, you can choose from a fully automatic machine to a semi-automatic one according to your need.

In this present situation having a washing machine is extremely necessary. Hence you must choose one that can satisfy all your needs. This article consists of some of the best washers from Samsung that you can consider buying right now.

Samsung semi-automatic top load washing machine- WT85M4200HL/TL

This washer brought to you by Samsung comes with 740 RPM. It is known to take a weight load of at least 8.5 kg. For any small family, it can be a perfect choice. Also, it is economical. The washing machine consumes less electricity while it washes the clothes in a very gentle manner.

With the double storm pulsator, it can provide you with efficient washing. Moreover, the net weight of this machine is 36 kgs which makes it quite convenient and adaptable.

Samsung fully automatic washing machine-WA65M4205HV/TL

If you are looking for an option in fully automatic mode, then your search should end here. It is one of the best and popular choices of all. This model has various futuristic features. It has eco-tub clean technology and a center jet pulsator that offers the user nothing but convenience. The machine also comes with magic filters that help with the lint from various parts of your clothes while keeping the outlet pipe from clogging.

Furthermore, the waterfall technology of this Samsung washing machine helps in equal distribution of the detergent all over your laundry pile. That helps to ensure thorough cleaning of your laundry clothes. Moreover, the stylish look of this washing machine can accentuate the decor of your house. You can buy one in light grey colour with the door having a chic black caviar hue. The addition of ice-blue LEDs increases the aesthetics of this model.

Samsung semi-automatic washing machine-WT9201EC/TL

This top load washing machine is semi-automatic. It is suitable for a family that comprises 3 to 4 members. The three different wash settings of this washing machine offer maximum user convenience. It spins at a rate of 740 RPM that is optimum for the capacity of this machine. Moreover, with 740 RPM, the drying time of clothes becomes less.

Samsung fully automatic washing machine- WA70M4400HV

It is the best automatic washing machine that you would ever come across. The durability of this machine is unquestionable. It offers you the choice of five water levels and seven wash programs that help you tailor the wash according to your load and the quality of the fabric—the pulsator technology of this machine washers thoroughly due to its multidirectional washing. Moreover, the waterfall effect and the diamond drum and the magic filter helps deliver optimum performance.

Samsung fully automatic washing machine- WA60M4100HY

If you are considering an ideal machine for your family, this is the best option you should look for. With innovative technology, you can reduce the effort that you give in your laundry process. On the standards of power-saving, it scores higher. The performance and aesthetics of this machine are known to be the best. It comes with a capacity of 6 kg—however, the diamond drum aids in washing your clothes effectively and gently.

The eco tub clean technology and the magic filter take care of the overall function and the hygiene of this machine. Nonetheless, the center Jet pulsator washes your clothes in 6 different cycles depending on your preference and requirements. It also projects an elegant look with an icy blue LED display in standard imperial silver color.

Once you decide about the one that you want to buy, you can use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store to check out the best offers available. You need not worry about the cost as it provides the customer with the best discounts and special offers on each model. With zero down payment, you can also avail of the no-cost EMI, which can help you with your budget. The convenience of quick home delivery makes it the best option for buying a washing machine. Moreover, the washing machines from Samsung have the reputation of being the best among its competitors.

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