Augusta Precious Metals – Criteria for A Good IRA Company

Precious metals are invaluable assets that you should consider investing in after retirement. These invaluable metals can diversify your portfolio and serve as a protection against inflation and price volatility of the stock market. One means that retirees can use to invest in precious metals is by having an IRA account.

An IRA is an individual retirement account that allows people to save and grow their money. This investment account opens an opportunity to engage in other assets like cryptocurrencies, bullion, exchange-traded funds, and real estate. This gives you financial freedom and secures a better future for you and your loved ones.

To set up and manage this account involves some complex procedures. It is not possible to carry out many transactions without expert help. You will need to hire a brokerage company or custodian to help you out with the processes. If you want to effectively own and invest in a precious metal IRA, you have to choose the right custodian for this.

With different companies available that can serve as a custodian, you should not just choose anyone. There are fake companies out there that want to make a profit from retired workers. They use attractive packages that are too good to be true to coerce people to invest in them. If you are not careful, you might fall victim to this fraud. If you need help to know whether a company is legit or fake, visit for their insightful reviews and strategies.

Now, let us discuss the important signs to take note of so you don’t choose the wrong IRA Company.

Important Signs to Look Out for When Choosing an IRA Company

The following are some signs to take note of when choosing an IRA company:

Poor Customer Reviews

One sign to take note of is how well others talk about the operations of the IRA firm. A badly rated company will not offer good services. Even when all their reviews are positive, it is also a poor sign. It means that they manipulated the reviews.

It is not possible to please all customers that have hired your services so check out the negative reviews too. Did the company attend to the issues quickly or not? Another means that a custodian can be reviewed is with the better business bureau website. These site grades companies based on their experience, competence, and customer complaints. If a custodian is below C-rating, do not bother hiring their services.

Unlicensed Business Operations

If they do not own a license, do not bother hiring them. Many fake companies can create a site, posing it as an IRA firm. Make sure you check for this license before hiring any custodian.

False Marketing Tactics

Some so-called precious metals IRA firms might make attractive yet unsupported claims to lure customers. They can claim to give huge returns within a short period or talk about an impending economic crash. They do this to lure people into investing with them without thinking. Avoid any business that uses this marketing approach. Only consider businesses that explain what IRA involves and give you time to make a decision.

Lacks Business Transparency

Do not choose a firm that withholds important information about their business operations with you. You need to clearly understand the procedures they follow when setting up the accounts or managing them. You also need to understand how they will keep you in the know concerning transactions that take place in the investment. Would they call you or write a mail or would you need to pay a visit to their office occasionally? If they are hesitant in providing this information, they are a scam and not legit.

Poor Customer Service

When you contact the IRA Company to ask them about their services, how did the conversation go? Was it interactive or one-sided? Did you learn anything about their business operations during the conversation? If you had a poor conversation with the customer service representative, it is highly possible that the business offers poor service too.

Hidden or Extra Fees

A legit business must give you a final estimate that doesn’t have hidden or extra fees. They should give a flat rate for managing the IRA and not a scaled fee. Scaled fees increase as your savings increase so make sure you avoid them. To understand what scaled fees are, read this article.


Choosing the right custodian for your IRA is vital. With so many companies offering these services, you need to make sure to check which is legit or a scam. Keep in mind the above-mentioned signs so that you don’t make a wrong choice.

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