An Insight Into Sammy EMR Through its Features

Undoubtedly, selecting an EHR is tough, but it becomes even more challenging for specialized practices. Podiatry is an intricate field linked with diseases of lower limbs, especially foot ailments and infections. Podiatrists need an EMR that encompasses exclusive tools for their area of expertise.

We looked into it and found out that most podiatrists go for Sammy EMR. But the question is why? What makes it so special that it leaves a unique impact on podiatric practices? In today’s article, we will answer this question for you by highlighting the distinct features of this impressive EHR service provider. First, let’s look into the basics of Sammy EMR before diving into its components.

 About Sammy EMR:

It is a remarkable software which is common among podiatry practices for over 30 years. It uniquely benefits podiatrists by featuring niche-specific tools and services for an enhanced clinical experience. Created especially for podiatrists by podiatry specialists, this comprehensive suite caters to all their needs to help them accelerate their growth to improve productivity.

This EMR has proved to be an affordable yet cost-effective product for doctors and offers services for small and mid-sized practices without any distinction. This robust cloud-based is well-equipped with effective tools and unifies electronic health records, medical billing, and practice management solutions, making it a budget-friendly option for users like you.


Healthcare facilities can undoubtedly rely on this sturdy product to carry out day-to-day tasks effortlessly with its user-friendly interface. Also, they can import lab reports and results like ultrasounds, schedule appointments, review previous records, and access patient data as they please for optimal patient care delivery.

 What Are The Significant Offerings of Sammy EMR?

 This vendor offers many compelling features that make it the right choice for your practice. Its one-in-a-kind features are followed by many unique benefits that will assist you with patient diagnosis and treatment at every step to reduce your stress and worries. We have listed its top features below; read it to learn about its benefits. Here you go!

 Eligibility Check

While treating patients, physicians need to check if they are eligible for insurance before finalizing bills and payments. Moreover, it helps to give worthy patients the right to get insurance allowance to help them pay bills if they can’t afford them. But you can’t check it manually, for it is a time-taking task. But Sammy EMR enables you to check insurance eligibility in just a click to save you from payment frauds and denials.

Secure Medical Records

All physicians know how important it is to maintain patient data confidentiality. Sammy EMR scores this point too by providing high-grade security. Sammy EMR reviews clearly present users praise its security maintenance. Moreover, instead of telling your staff to go from labs to labs to collect medical reports, you can get them remotely without any fear of third-party intervention or hacking. Whether it is X–rays, MRIs, ultrasounds, or what else, all records will be kept safe for you on the patient portal so even patients can view their medical records.

Organized Tasks and Data

You may come across hundreds of patients daily, so know how hectic it is to organize patient data. This well-regarded vendor transforms this hectic task into a hassle-free job by featuring an impactful, feature-rich dashboard. It will help you manage patient records like progress notes, lab reports, prescriptions, and billing information. It is specially crafted for podiatrists, so it will help you focus on tasks seamlessly by organizing them based on their priority and arranging patient data as you please.  What more do you need?

 Instant Document Processing

This well-regarded software offers flawless functionalities to handle document management and processing alongside task management. Now you don’t have to go through traditional paperwork to record patient data. Instead, use built-in specialty-specific templates and patient charts to jot down relevant information. On top of that, this EMR facilitates documentation by providing innovative voice-recognition tools. So, you just have to dictate what you want to write down and where. Create new notes, edit already existing progress notes within a matter of seconds.


There’s no need for patients to physically visit the clinic for minor things like collecting reports or checking in for newly appearing symptoms. Instead, it offers a dynamic patient portal through which patients can connect with healthcare providers and vice versa. So, you can share essential patient details either through emails or messaging, and the best part is there’s no need for any operating device; you can share data with patients using mobile devices. This ease of access will strengthen your relationship with all your patients.

Why Should You Choose Sammy EMR?

Having a specialty-specific product for your clinic will empower you to boost your clinical revenue. It comes with all essential generic features you can’t find in any other primary EHR product. In addition, you can request Sammy’s EMR demo to see all its functionalities by yourself to see if it carries all the services you are looking for or not.

All the features mentioned above are enough to convince podiatrists of the exceptional offering of this vendor. Having software that comes with customizable templates and accurate diagnostic coding will ultimately streamline your workflow and administrative operations. You will stay updated on your patient’s vitals and test results 24/7.

It will let you carry out your tasks flawlessly by prioritizing time so you can entirely focus on critical tasks by weighing their importance. Also, its intuitive patient portal will give your patients full access to their records, schedule appointments, read discharge summaries, and many more. On top of that, it is compliant with HIPAA rules and regulations, and it obeys all the laws in and out.

What Are the Pricing Plans of Sammy EHR?

Sammy EMR costs $349 per month per provider, but it’s worth it, considering its impressive specs and capabilities. You can ask for customer support anytime if you ever get stuck at some point.

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