A Trip to London Through 5 Unforgettable Movies

London is known as the “Movie Capital of the World.” More than eight million people who live in the British capital are already aware of this, having been attracted by its beauty, its diversity, and the countless leisure alternatives available, as well as the art that can be found on its streets in its many museums.

Many film directors have decided to transfer the enchantment of the city to the big screen and have placed their feature films in London as a result of this decision. From romantic stories of Love and adventure to the most horrific horror and traditional comedies of English humor in the most authentic Mr. Bean style – there’s something for everyone in this collection. After you watch these movies (or some of them), we are sure that you will book your trip to London and even consider a London chauffeur car hire.

Love Actually

A subgenre of film, romantic comedies set in London is a genre into itself. Love Actually, which begins and finishes with a sequence at Heathrow Airport and, in between, takes us on a tour of London, including St Luke’s Mews in Notting Hill, the Grosvenor Chapel in the Mayfair region, and Blenheim Road in St Johns Wood.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Entering the world of the most renowned young wizard in the world means entering the city of London as well because the capital is prominently featured in all eight films in the Harry Potter trilogy. The Hogwarts Express departs at King’s Cross station, which is widely recognized as one of the most famous places in the Harry Potter world. An absolute must-see if you are a great lover of the narrative because you can snap a picture of yourself moving the trolley embedded in the platform 9 3 4 that is implanted in the floor.

Leadenhall Market, a Victorian-covered market in the City of London, is another location that has appeared in several of the wizard’s film adaptations. In this location, you will find Diagon Alley, which is where the blue facade that served as the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron once stood. Other typical and well-known London sights include the Tower Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, and the Millennium Bridge, to name a few examples. Visiting the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studios is highly recommended for fans of Harry Potter and the great wizard of Hogwarts. At the studio, you may see filming locations such as the Great Dining Room, which was built specifically for the production of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, as well as Dumbledore’s office and other places.

Mary Poppins

Fly around London in the role of Mary Poppins, the renowned heroine from the Disney studio who has appeared in several different variations over the years. It was filmed in Hollywood, but the sets were inspired by and recreated very faithfully in London locations such as Regents Park, the streets of Kensington, the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Golden Carousel at the Southbank Center – where Mary Poppins and the children sing and dance – and the London Eye.

Notting Hill

This well-known romantic comedy helped to popularize this modest London neighborhood as a tourist destination. Its screenplay is by Richard Curtis, who is also the director of Love Actually and the producer of other film hits in which London is a backdrop and becomes a central character in the narrative. Many people have flown to London since the film’s release in 1999 in quest of The Travel Book Co, a little bookstore located at 142 Portobello Road, where William Thacker (Hugh Grant) meets and falls in Love with Hollywood star Anna Scott (Julia Roberts).

Thirteen Blenheim Crescent houses is the bookshop that served as an inspiration for this piece. The address for William’s house, with its renowned blue door, is 280 Westbourne Park Road. Another location made famous by the film was the Notting Hill street market, which takes place on Portobello Road every Saturday and attracts a large number of visitors. Notting Hill Gate is the address of the Coronet cinema, where William watches the science fiction film starring Anna. The address of Bella and Max’s home is 91 Lansdowne Road and  there is also the Ritz Hotel in the story, which is another setting that is mentioned, and fans love it.

V for Vendetta

In V for Vendetta, which is based on the comic book of the same name, an alternate London is depicted in which fascists control the British government, and there is no freedom for anyone, resulting in the arrival of a hero out for vengeance. Natalie Portman plays the primary role of Evie in this film, and she does an outstanding job in the role. It is without a doubt the film’s most memorable sequence, which takes place during which the entire Parliament is destroyed.

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