7 ways solar Christmas lights bring you a favorable holiday

As we approach the holiday season, the annual tradition of the neighborhood lighting up with holiday lights begins to emerge. In recent years, a new tradition has begun to take hold; Solar-powered Christmas lights.

There are many potential benefits to using new solar lights this Christmas, here are 7:

1. Easy setup

Unlike traditional spotlights, there are no messy outlets or wires to deal with. It gives you the freedom to set them up somewhere outside even in the most secluded areas of your yard.

2. The advantage can’t be faulted

There are many reasons why solar Christmas lights are more convenient than their traditional counterparts. Firstly, the batteries of these lights will automatically recharge during the day in the sun, then turn off when it gets dark and off when the lights start to come on, without the user needing to turn on the switch! Besides, no worries about dim light. If one bulb burns out, the other bulbs continue to burn. If you have a power outage – which often happens in winter in some parts of the country – you may have the only Christmas lighting display in your community!

3. Safer than incandescent lamps

As mentioned earlier, there is no need for messy wires, eliminating potential hazards when family members or guests cross these wires. Additionally, solar-powered Christmas lights operate at cooler temperatures than conventional incandescent lights, reducing the risk of the light overheating and the potential for it to shrink or catch fire.

4. Free unlimited power

The obvious personal advantage of solar – it doesn’t add up to your electricity bill. Traditional Christmas lights consume a lot of energy and you can measure exactly how much you can spend using a simple Christmas lights calculator. After purchasing solar Christmas lights, the energy source used to light them is free and unlimited. This lowers your winter energy bills, giving you a great Christmas bonus!

5. Possible government tax incentives

In many cases, the government (through your local power company) is willing to provide you with tax incentives such as a discount on your electricity bill. One example is Minnesota’s electricity supplier, which offers customers a 3 off bill per strand for up to 10 holiday LED lights. Such discounts and offers can be found wherever you live.

6. Top quality craftsman

Solar-powered Christmas lights are higher quality and look like traditional holiday lights. Statistics show that, on average, solar lights are 10 times more durable than incandescent lights. Furthermore, because solar bulbs are made of plastic, they are much more durable and less likely to break than traditional incandescent bulbs.

7. Great for our environment

Since solar Christmas lights rely on renewable and unlimited sources of energy, no carbon is burned and therefore no pollutants enter the environment. In addition, because these lights last about 10 times longer than incandescent lights, they’re less likely to be discarded, which reduces the amount of waste that goes into our landfills.

In holiday lighting displays across the country, solar Christmas lights are rapidly replacing traditional incandescent lights, and for good reason. 

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