5 Tips to Stay Safe While Streaming Movies, TV Shows, And Music 

If you are an entertainment buff, you know by now there are a lot of movies and TV shows available to watch. But, it can be hard to keep up with these shows with high movie price tickets. Plus, the highly-priced streaming services and other entertainment subscriptions. Therefore, more people prefer https://thepirateproxybay.com/ online streaming platform, for it is effective and efficient as you can still watch as many movies as you want, and some still play in theatres. Below is how to enjoy and be safe while streaming movies and shows online.  

1.Protect your information

Any website you visit for your streaming services, take note of the enrollment practices they offer. For instance, some websites request you to provide your personal information, such as your banking information, social security number, place or date of birth, and other things. Stay wary. Most of these sites require their customer to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee. Therefore, you need to share your details to make the payments. However, do not sign out unless they offer a secure checkout. Notably, if the services are free, do not provide personal details. It should be simple, enter the website, select the content and enjoy the stream. 

2.Use a virtual private network 

Anyone familiar with streaming shows and movies knows about using the VPN. Using the virtual private network is a way to hide your IP address using encryption software. Therefore, once you connect to a VPN, all your traffic and network data will be encrypted. Therefore, your internet service provider and the government will not see what you are doing. You will no longer be under your internet service provider IP address but the hidden IP address of the VPN you choose to use. Notably, ensure the VPN you are using has an excellent reputation and is reliable as you search for the one to use. 

3.Consider government restrictions        

Some governments are keen to prosecute individuals using free online movie streaming services and to shut down these sites. However, the issue is most of these website servers are located in various countries. Thus, people who get in trouble are individuals taking advantage of the service. But, how do you get the benefits of these services without getting in trouble with the authorities? Most importantly, stream from sites following government regulations. 

4.Stream from reputable websites

Online streaming is trendy and grows every hour. Today, most people enjoy streaming music, movies, and TV shows to their laptops, computers, and mobile phones. Plus, cord-cutters are enjoying the streaming platforms for they offer the opportunity with a similar service. Plus, there are no other new sources. But, as you stream online, ensure you are aware of your surroundings. Remember, hackers, are always alert on what you are doing online. For instance, you cannot go for a night out without considering your safety. The same applies to any online activity you do, for malware can be embedded in any content, software, and program. 

5.Stay away from JavaScript 


Most search engines use JavaScript to track the choices and behaviors you make online. For instance, if you go to google and search for anything or free movie streaming sites, it is easy to track what you search for with the JavaScript code into Google search. Plus, JavaScript is encoded into your cookies, and like any other cookies, it adds to your computers every time you visit a website. Therefore, ensure you always clear your search and browsing history every day. In fact, to make it easier, adjust the settings on your laptop to clear history automatically. 

To sum up, the above tips are helpful when you stream shows, music, and movies online. Therefore, every time you search for a new streaming platform, only consider reputable ones for you need a secure platform. You need a site you can trust, and in researching, you will find a few. If you have never heard a service before, stay away from them. You can easily be a victim of hacking if you fail to know your online world’s surroundings. Plus, not using a secure platform for anything online puts you at risk.



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