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5 Popular Types of Shoe Racks for 2022

If you don’t have room for a shoe rack in your closet, there are other solutions. You can use shelves or over-the-door hanging systems to keep your shoes organized and out of sight. However, which kinds of shoe racks are more applicable to you? In this article, we’ll tell you some different kinds of shoe racks that you can place at home. No matter whether you’re redesigning your room or looking for better ways to keep your shoes organized, you’ll find a way out here.

5 Common Types of Shoe Racks

Wooden shoe racks

Wooden shoe racks are a great way to store your wall mounted shoe rack and keep them off the floor. This style is perfect for door entryways and provides an organized space for storing shoes. These racks are made of solid wood and are durable for years of use. They also come with a wood finish to add to the overall design.

Buying a wooden shoe rack online is a great way to save money and time. Online stores are open 24 hours a day, so you can shop whenever you want. Also, you can easily track your order status. You can also shop from your home, as long as you have an internet connection.

Metal mesh racks

Metal mesh shoe racks are a great way to store your shoes. They are extremely durable and can hold up to 90 pounds per unit, that is to say, about 12 pairs of shoes. They are also very easy to assemble, making them a great option for any room or garage.

Metal mesh shoe racks come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. Some are of great value because they can accommodate many pairs of shoes. Some models have even up to five tiers. These are great for organizing your shoes and are versatile enough to be used in other rooms as well.

Stackable shoe organizers

Multi-tiered shoe storage options can be a great addition to your home, as well as an excellent supplement to your entryway and closet space. The Stackable Shoe Organizer comes in a stylish black cube unit. These storage solutions can be customized to suit your specific needs. They are also stylish and can be arranged in a stylish display. These storage options are ideal for small accessories in your closet. They can be stacked together to save space, and they can also be used as a standalone units.

Industrial-style shoe racks

Industrial-style shoe racks are a great way to keep your shoes organized and in easy reach. You can choose from a variety of styles and sizes. You can also paint them any color that you want. You can customize the industrial-style shoe rack to fit your home and personal style. They are an excellent choice for homes, businesses, and retail locations.

Industrial-style shoe racks are very easy to assemble. They feature numbered pieces and clear instructions to help you assemble them. They can also be used for decorations or as storage in other rooms.

Wooden crate racks

Wooden crate racks can be an excellent alternative to a traditional shoe rack, especially if you have a small space. These crates can hold several pairs of shoes and come in various patterns to match your decor. You can purchase open-top crates or with lids. Either option is ideal for shoe storage since they don’t take up much space and are flexible in design.


So here you know different types of shoe racks and their specific features. You can also find more styles of shoe racks on Alibaba. But it depends on your room design and what you like to say which one fits you. Anyway, try to compare them before making your final decision. Happy shopping!

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