11 Killer Responses to Cynthia Nixon’s Pro Shoplifting Tweet

Retailers are getting a reality check in major metropolitan cities.

City officials in several urban centers reduced the penalties for minor offenses, like shoplifting, in recent years. That, plus the “defund the police” movement, resulted in escalating crime and stores deciding to set up shop elsewhere.

San Francisco, to no one’s surprise, is ground zero for the trend. Walgreens just shuttered 17 stories in the city for that very reason.

Proposition 47, which passed in 2014, no longer made it a felony to steal if the value of what you steal doesn’t exceed $950. It’s also no longer a felony to receive stolen property valued at less than $950.

The problem, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, isn’t directly related to the poor scrambling to grab the necessities during tough times. It’s organized crime that’s doing the damage.

Former New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon sees things differently. The “Sex and the City” alum, prepping to co-star in the woke continuation series, “And Just Like That …” shared a Tweet in response to several mayoral candidates vowing not to prosecute shoplifters.

Sounds like she’s on board with that line of thinking, ignoring how it made Walgreens flee the City by the Bay.

Twitter users pounced and seized on her comments. Here are 11 of the most snarky, and smart, reactions.

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