10 Factors You Need To Know Before Choosing Pharmacy As A Career

Working in a pharmacy involves specializing in preserving, storing, and providing patients with medicine and advice. This means you can either be a pharmacist or a pharmacy technician. 

A pharmacist guides patients on how to use their medication. They also ensure prescriptions are correctly filled and they supervise the work of a pharmacy technician. While the work of a pharmacy technician is to prepare prescriptions. Their duties also include managing the inventory and insurance. They also refer patients with questions to the pharmacist. 

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Pharmacy technicians have many duties and responsibilities that make them valuable professionals in a pharmacy setting. According to KBL statistics, there has been a 1%  increase in the employment of pharmacists. 

Statistics also show that 31,700 pharmacy technician positions are projected every year. This is because of the many duties pharmacy technicians undertake and the need to replace pharmacy technicians who transfer or exit the workforce. 

Here are more factors you need to know before choosing a career in pharmacy.

1.Educational Requirements You Need to Meet

The journey to becoming a pharmacist or a pharmacy technician starts with specific educational requirements. An individual needs a bachelor’s degree, internship, and licensing before starting a career as a pharmacist. A bachelor’s degree program takes four years. 

On the other hand, becoming a  pharmacy technician takes a shorter duration. You need the following:

  • High school diploma
  • Criminal-background check
  • Completed a training program
  • Passed PTCB exam
  • Continuous education

2.Career Progression From A Pharmacy Technician To A Pharmacist

Choosing Pharmacy As A Career

A career in pharmacy offers you an opportunity to advance from a pharmacy technician role to a pharmacist. Continuous education and a pharmacy technician certification test help to prepare you for the journey of becoming a pharmacist. 

Thus, it is vital to pass the certification test. You need to study hard and take the best PTCB practice test to get a good score. You can also take the PTCB online course free and download your certificate after passing the exam. 

These credentials help pharmacy technician to demonstrate their knowledge and competence in the field. Employers may also require you to have a PTCB certification before employment. 

After working as a pharmacy technician and gaining considerable experience, you can go for further studies and become a pharmacist.

3.Variety of Work Setting

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can work in a variety of settings. Some places allow you to engage directly with patients, while patient interaction is minimal in others. This means you can choose a setting that matches your personality type.

For example, if you are an outgoing person, you may want to work in a retail pharmacy where you talk to patients. A pharmacist or pharmacy technician can also work in a hospital pharmacy with low patient interaction. 

4.Communication Skills

Professionals working in pharmacies must communicate effectively with their co-workers and patients. This is because working in a retail setting requires you to have communication skills for customer service. Good communication skills enable you to talk to customers about their prescriptions. 

If you work in a setting with few or no patients, you still need to communicate professionally with colleagues. This makes communication an essential part of your career in pharmacy.

5.Increase in Pharmacy Technician Career Opportunities

Opportunities to work as a pharmacy technician continue to increase with the growing number of people who need pharmaceutical care. More pharmacy technicians are needed to serve these people and the aging population. 

This means choosing a career as a pharmacy technician increases your chances of employment. There are many job opportunities and there is job security for qualified professionals.

6.Pharmacy Technician Salary

It is important to pass a PTCB exam and receive your certificate. A certified pharmacy technician earns a good salary. It is essential to make sure you take a pharmacy technician practice test and increase your chances of passing the exam. A certified pharmacy technician can use such credentials to bargain for a higher salary. Pharmacy technicians earn a mean annual wage of $35,100 every year

7.Irregular Working Hours

Choosing Pharmacy As A Career

Many pharmacies operate throughout the day and night to meet patients’ needs. Working in a pharmacy means you may have irregular work schedules. 

This also means you will need to work during night or day shifts, depending on demand. The schedule may change as you gain more experience and advance in your career. 

8.Paying Attention to Every Detail

A career in pharmacy means you need to ensure accuracy and attention to every detail. The work of a pharmacist and a pharmacy technician is to provide patients with an accurate dosage of medication. 

Making careless mistakes can cause serious health problems and even death. That is why professionals working in the pharmacy must ensure high levels of accuracy in their calculations.

They should consider each detail before dispensing medication. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are trained to be accurate and detail-oriented as they work in a fast-paced environment.

9.Good Math Abilities

Professionals working in a pharmacy must ensure they provide patients with the right dosage. This means they need to have good math abilities to make the right calculations. They also need to measure and mix compounds correctly.

10.Standing for Long Hours

Pharmacy technicians spend most of their work hours on their feet. This is because you need to move around when serving patients. Some of the things you will do are fill prescriptions, check the inventory, and interact with patients. It is important to wear comfortable shoes that will help you move fast. 

Key Takeaway

Choosing a career in pharmacy allows you to make a difference in people’s lives. It is a great way to help people achieve quality healthcare. It also enables you to advance in your career. Since the need for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians will always be great. This is because people will always need health care services. 

Having a certification is important in fulfilling your dream to work in a pharmacy. Take a pharmacy technician practice test online to prepare for your PTCB exam and start your career. It is also essential to know what to expect when choosing a career in pharmacy.

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