March 22, 2023


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Zack Snyder Film School Anyone?

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Netflix has released the first episode of a four episode series called ‘Snyder School’, where Army of The Dead director Zack Snyder will open a window into his groundbreaking creative process as a filmmaker.

Director Zack Snyder’s series will be available in collaboration with Netflix. The series, which will be available exclusively on the Netflix Film Club on YouTube, will look at how he built the world of Army of The Dead and many of the other films that he has brought to life. Also delving into the lessons he’s learned in terms of craft, this is the ultimate Zack Snyder film school. Zack will guide viewers through his entire process, from writing and storyboards, all the way through color and editing.

The first episode on how Zack Snyder approaches opening title sequences is now live, with the remaining episodes going live in the coming weeks. The full ‘Snyder School’ release schedule can be found below:
‘Snyder School’ Episode 1 | Opening Titles | May 24, 2021 Release Zack Snyder explores how he approaches opening title sequences, as a way to establish the tone and world of a film
‘Snyder School’ Episode 2 | Lights, Camera, Action | May 27, 2021 Release How Zack Snyder uses cinematography, and how he approaches choreographing and shooting action scenes
‘Snyder School’ Episode 3 | Making the Cut | June 1, 2021 Release Zack Snyder explains how he uses editing, color, music and sound design in his films
‘Snyder School’ Episode 4 | World Building | June 7, 2021 Release All of Zack’s films have involved an alternate universe, whether it’s superheroes, zombies, or a comic book reality. How does he approach building a cinematic universe?

Presented by Netflix Film Club, ‘Snyder School’ is the first series in what will be an ongoing initiative of Netflix filmmaker deep dives, called ‘How to Make Movies’ 

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