July 1, 2022


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What to Expect From Cruel Summer Season 2 After That Twist

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During their intense conversation, it’s revealed that it wasn’t Jeanette that saw Kate on Christmas Eve, it was actually Mallory (Harley Quinn Smith), Kate’s BFF, who had followed Jeanette to Martin’s house that night. And as for Annabelle? Well, that was the name of Martin’s family gun, which he brought down to the basement with the intention of shooting himself in front of Kate. But when he was unable to do it, Kate grabbed the gun and shot Martin.

Oh wait, there’s even more.

Kate goes in front of the media and explains that she was mistaken and Jeanette finally gets her time in the spotlight, being interviewed on a talk show—”To the girl who named me…Kate Wallace, I forgive you”—and instantly going from the most hated girl in America to the most beloved. Then, we get one final doozy of a reveal.

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