What is SEO used for?

SEO is a long-lasting strategy that allows you to increase and develop your visibility on the web. It has many advantages:

·         Attract qualified visitors to your website

·         Gain notoriety by demonstrating your expertise

·         Improve the positioning of your different pages on Google

·         Arrive in the first results of Google,

·         Have new prospects and customers,

·         Increase your turnover (this is the most important thing).

How does SEO work?

When Google robots explore your site, it takes into account 3 families of criteria that are important to remember. The Three Pillars of SEO: Technology, Content, Popularity (Links)

1. Technical optimization of the website (Technical SEO)

The technical aspects form the skeleton of your website. This is the first thing Google sees on your website. In order for Google to see your website, it must index it into its database. To check this, you can type the command “site:” into the Google search box, followed by your domain name. The results displayed will show pages from your site that have been indexed in search engine indexes. So Google can explore your site and analyze its structure using Hn tags, meta descriptions, servers used, speed of your site, etc.

2. Quality and quantity of content

The content of a site is essential to position yourself on the SERPs and assert your expertise in the eyes of Internet users. Quality, unique, well-structured, and attractive content will have every chance of being better positioned than ordinary content.

3. The popularity of the website

The popularity of a website is justified in particular through the number of links it receives from other websites. The more sites cite you or refer their users to visit your website, the more interest Google will give you.

Thanks to its robots, Google indexes the web pages, analyzes them according to the 3 families of criteria, then ranks them in order of relevance for each request made by Internet users. Google’s objective is to provide Internet users with the most relevant search results for a given keyword. The more actions you take to improve the 3 families of criteria (popularity, content, technical SEO Sydney), the more your website will be visible in Google on your strategic keywords. Work like this, natural referencing takes on its full meaning.

Why is natural referencing important?

According to a study conducted by GE Capital Retail Bank, 81% of Internet users use Google to search for a product before going to a point of sale. This demonstrates that the act of purchase is now preceded by an active search in Google, whether to find out about the characteristics of the product or to compare prices. Also, working on your natural referencing means bringing better visibility to your website on Google and other search engines. In the long term, SEO makes it possible to multiply its number of visitors which will then result in an increase in requests for quotes or orders. The profitability of your website will be improved.

A properly optimized site will be considered “SEO friendly” by Google and will therefore see its positioning favored in search engine results. The goal is to position yourself on the first page and then achieve the best possible positioning. You should know that 91% of clicks on Google are made on the first page, of which 70% – 77% of clicks are made on the first 5 results.

There is therefore no secret to making your website and your strategic pages visible, you have to work on your natural referencing. The challenge is both quantitative and qualitative: SEO must bring you qualified traffic. It responds to a marketing issue that allows you to organize the meeting between your offer and the demand generated by the consumer who increasingly uses the Internet to obtain information and carry out his act of purchase. An effective SEO expert strategy takes into account different SEO criteria and allows your prospects to find you on the web, to better position you, and to increase your organic traffic. In other words, natural referencing can win you, customers.

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