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Wendy Williams Denies Passing Gas On Camera After Viral Video – Calls The Rumors ‘So Stupid!’

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Wendy Williams addressed the viral video of her seemingly passing gas and burping at the same time on her talk show! According to her, it never happened!

As you might remember, what started the whole ‘Fartgate’ scandal back in March, was the talk show host farting and burping simultaneously while talking about Kim Kardashian amid her Hot Topics segment.

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While she apologized to her live audience back then, apparently for the burp, she never really clarified if she also passed gas on camera or not!

With that being said, while a guest on SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live the other day, she had no choice but to talk about it since the host asked!

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In response, Wendy said: ‘That keeps going around, It is so disgusting. Like, people are so weird about that. I did not pass gass.’

She then admittedly tried to change the topic by gushing over how ‘fire’ the talk show is going to be when it comes back to full capacity in September before circling back to the fart rumors, calling them ‘so stupid!’

‘I burp all of the time, right on camera. I sneeze and other things like that. But, you know what? That is what people do when they are having regular conversations. And people are like, ‘You are an animal,” she added, still not admitting she farted but being very open and honest about the other bodily functions she openly shows on live TV, of course!

But this whole debate, dubbed as Fartgate, was not even the first time Wendy Williams was accused of passing gas on air.

Fans were also convinced it happened back in January of last year but Wendy was quick to deny it at the time: ‘I’ve never farted once on this show. I barely ever fart. You know why? Because gas gets released several different ways, and mine is belching because all I do is talk.’

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