Trailer Watch: Sonia Kennebeck Searches for Truth in the Age of Misinformation in “Enemies of the State”

An investigation into secrets, lies, and cover-ups, “Enemies of the State” explores the strange case of Wikileaks courier and hacker Matt DeHart. Sonia Kennebeck’s doc finds DeHart and his former Cold War spy parents convinced that they’re at the center of a government conspiracy. “My son was a pioneer in this activist group Anonymous,” we’re told in a new trailer for the documentary. Matt and his family claim that he received “crazy information that they do not want out there,” making him a target of the government.

“Is this just people being paranoid or is the system really out to get them?” one of the characters in the spot asks. Another adds, “Did they create a conspiracy rather than act in the best interests of their child?”

When we asked Kennebeck what she’d like audiences to think about after watching the film, she said, “‘Enemies of the State’ tells an incredible story and is also a tale of extreme parental love and loyalty. And yet, for me, the film is about more than one single case. It is about seeking the truth in a complex world full of misinformation and secrecy, where stories spread fast and wide, making it increasingly difficult to find reliable sources and confirmed information.”

The director explained that she’s “fascinated by the ambiguity of our world and human behavior” — the “gray areas and contradictions in life, the bad choices, complacencies, and darkness.”

Kennebeck’s first feature-length film, “National Bird,” received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Current Affairs Documentary. Her latest doc, “United States vs. Reality Winner,” a portrait of the Russian election interference whistleblower, made its world premiere at SXSW earlier this year.

“Enemies of the State” hits theaters and On Demand July 30.

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