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Sharon Stone Sets the Record Straight on Rumor She’s Dating Rapper RMR

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Sharon Stone is laughing off rumors that she and 25-year-old rapper RMR are dating.

On Friday, July 9, the Basic Instinct actress was out with her 21-year-old son Roan for a bit of shopping when they encountered a group of paparazzi who asked the question on everyone’s mind: Is she dating the Atlanta-based artist?

In a video published by TMZ, it became painfully obvious the answer is no when Sharon and Roan begin laughing hysterically. Sharon denied any romantic involvement with the artist, while Roan said the paparazzi “couldn’t have asked a funnier question.”

Meanwhile, a source close to RMR describes the 63-year-old star and 25-year-old rapper as “friends” and says they are “learning a lot from each other.”

According to Page Six, Sharon and RMR were spotted together on multiple occasions over the past month. Most recently, they were photographed at Los Angeles hot spot The Highlight Room, with RMR placing his arm around the actress’ shoulder.

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