August 15, 2022


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See How Frugal Golfers Never Lose a Ball on So Freakin’ Cheap

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Ballin’ on a budget—literally.

In a hilarious, exclusive sneak peek at tonight’s So Freakin’ Cheap, airing July 5 on TLC, the Tran family show off just how far they take their penny-pinching ways…and it turns out, their frugality goes all the way to the golf green. 

Matriarch Rosanna Tran brags that the family saves “at least $1,000 a year” by not renting golf carts, exploiting free trial rounds for golf club memberships and hoarding golf balls. “And we don’t even have to spend any money on tees,” Rosanna adds. “We never lose a ball.” 

As daughter Charisma says the most important thing about golfing is “having fun,” it turns out Rosanna’s true hobby is accumulating the balls themselves. “When we play golf, we glued a string on the golf ball,” Rosanna explains. “And after we hit the ball, we just follow the string to make sure we would never lose the golf ball.” 

Um, what?!

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