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Rachel Bilson Recalls “Tension” With Samaire Armstrong Over Adam Brody

For Rachel Bilson, life was imitating art on The O.C.

As fans of the hit 2000s teen drama will easily recall, Rachel and Samaire Armstrong‘s characters Summer and Anna were both involved with Adam Brody‘s character Seth in the course of the show. But as Rachel revealed during the latest episode of her Welcome to the OC, Bitches! podcast, there was a bit of a triangle taking shape behind the scenes, too. 

While discussing the 11th episode of the first season, “The Homecoming,” one scene really got her attention. “When Seth is in the bedroom with Anna and she goes to kiss him, I see Samaire like slip tongue,” she accused. “I get transported back to 18 years ago and I get a little jealous.”

In Rachel’s words, “It was like the real-life triangle playing out as I’m watching it.”

Uh, does she mean what we think she means? “I feel like it definitely played out a little bit in real life for a minute,” Rachel reiterated, “even though not really really, but I remember the tension with Samaire and I like a little bit.”

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