August 15, 2022


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Peter Dinklage Narrates Netflix Docuseries – Deadline

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Peter Dinklage explains how to make history in the official trailer for Netflix’s How To Become A Tyrant.

“If you want to rule you first have to believe you can. To truly show your love, you’ll need to guide your flock with a firm hand,” the Game of Thrones actor says. “You, too can create an enduring heaven on earth, with you as its guiding light.”

Set to launch on the streamer Friday, July 9, How To Become A Tyrant is a historical series that examines how the likes of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and other notorious dictators of the 20th century rose to power. Narrated by the Emmy-winning actor, the upcoming series uses dark humor to present the case for absolute rule, while offering insight into why tyrannical patterns repeat across time.

Watch the trailer above.

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