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New US Teaser for ‘Raging Fire’ Film with Donnie Yen & Nicholas Tse

New US Teaser for ‘Raging Fire’ Film with Donnie Yen & Nicholas Tse

by Alex Billington
June 25, 2021
Source: YouTube

Raging Fire Trailer

“They’re so reckless – sooner or later, they’ll make a mistake.” Well Go USA has released a new US teaser trailer for the Hong Kong action film Raging Fire, from filmmaker Benny Chan (who passed away last year – this is his final film). Raging Fire is opening in China and Hong Kong starting in July this summer, but the US opening date still hasn’t been set yet. Donnie Yen stars in Raging Fire as Shan, a righteous cop who’s is admired by the police force for solving so many cases. One day, his past comes back to haunt him when his sting operation is attacked by a mysterious group of criminals led by Ngo, his former protégé. Ngo was once a talented cop who admired and respected Shan. However, a terrible accident sent him to prison three years ago turning him into a furious man with the aim to kill everyone who wronged him – including his former mentor. Co-starring Nicholas Tse as Ngo, with Jeana Ho, Ray Lui, Patrick Tam, Ben Lam, Deep Ng, and Kang Yu. This film looks like it has a few intense action scenes – might just be worth a watch after all.

Here’s the official trailer (+ poster) for Benny Chan’s Raging Fire, direct from Well Go’s YouTube:

And here’s another original Hong Kong trailer for Benny Chan’s Raging Fire, also from YouTube:

Raging Fire Poster

Raging Fire Poster

Shan (Donnie Yen) is a highly respected hardline cop with a long history of success on dangerous cases. However, his past unexpectedly comes back to haunt him when a sting op is attacked by a mysterious group of criminals led by Ngo (Nicholas Tse), his former protégé, a talented former officer who had once respected and admired Shan. However, a terrible mistake three years prior landed him in prison, quickly turning the once rising star into a furious man with a grudge, and the will to destroy everyone who had wronged him—including his former mentor. Raging Fire, also known as Nou fo or Crossfire, is both written and directed by the late Hong Kong filmmaker Benny Chan, director of many films including A Moment of Romance, The Magic Crane, Happy Hour, Big Bullet, Gen-X Cops, Gen-Y Cops, New Police Story, Rob-B-Hood, City Under Siege, Shaolin, The White Storm, Call of Heroes, and Meow previously. The film opens in China & Hong Kong starting on July 30th, 2021 this summer. No US date has been set yet. Interested?

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