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New Trailer for UK Blu-ray Release of Hacker Classic Movie ‘Sneakers’

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New Trailer for UK Blu-ray Release of Hacker Classic Movie ‘Sneakers’

by Alex Billington
June 11, 2021
Source: YouTube

Sneakers Trailer

“We’ve heard a lot of great things about you.” “They’re all true.” Film Stories has debuted a new trailer for their special edition Blu-ray release of the hacker classic Sneakers, from filmmaker Phil Alden Robinson. I’m posting this just because it’s a chance to talk about how much I LOVE this movie, always have. I watched it so many times with my brother growing up, and it’s super nerdy but so much fun. A revenge tale wrapped in a tech heist tale lead by a bunch of geeky hackers, played by an incredible ensemble cast. Sneakers stars Robert Redford, Dan Aykroyd, Ben Kingsley, Mary McDonnell, River Phoenix, Sidney Poitier, and David Strathairn. Originally released in 1992. The new Blu-ray includes an interview with Phil Alden Robinson diving into the making of the film. It also features two brand new commentary tracks. I’ve loved this film for so long that I thought everyone knew about it already, but it keeps getting rediscovered all the time, and it’s great that more people are catching up with it (and becoming instant fans). Too many secrets.

Here’s the official trailer (+ Blu-ray cover art) for Phil Alden Robinson’s Sneakers, direct from YouTube:

And here’s an original classic 1990s trailer for Phil Alden Robinson’s Sneakers film, also from YouTube:

Sneakers Blu-Ray

Martin Bishop is the head of a group of experts who specialize in testing out security systems. When he is blackmailed by government agents into stealing a top secret black box, the team find themselves embroiled in a game of danger and intrigue. After they recover the box, they discover that it has the capability to decode all existing encryption systems around the world, and that the agents who hired them didn’t work for the government after all. Sneakers is directed by American filmmaker Phil Alden Robinson, who also directed the films In the Mood, Field of Dreams, The Sum of All Fears, and The Angriest Man in Brooklyn. The screenplay is written by Phil Alden Robinson and Lawrence Lasker & Walter F. Parkes. Sneakers first opened in US theaters in late 1992. Film Stories + Plumeria Pictures in the UK will release the new Sneakers Blu-ray on June 28th with a “brand new special edition” version (order it here). Who wants this Blu-ray?

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