Music Crush Monday: Snoop Dogg


We’re heading into this week with the one and only Snoop Dogg. Kick back those feet and roll into the week with Snoop’s latest single, “Gang Signs.”

Image Still Courtesy: Snoop Dogg VEVO

“Gang Signs” featuring Mozzy is Snoop Dogg’s latest record and we’re vibing it to kick off the week. The tone and vibe of this latest video from the d-o-double g reminds us of his early 90’s tracks, raising our nostalgia by 200%. He’s so smooth in his rap like always, dropping lines like “mechanics on the beat.” The video is clearly an ode to his early days and where he hails from. There is something so sublime about early 90’s west coast rap, you can’t not love it. Let us know the vibe this gives you for the week. Makes us want to throw shades on and take a ride, you know?

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