October 24, 2021


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Music Crush Monday: BTS – Press Pass LA


Obviously there is one song, and only one song on our radar this Monday. BTS has dropped their latest single off their new album “Permission to Dance” and its all the freedom and joy we need to kick off our week.

Image Still: Big Hiit Music

“Premission to Dance” was written by Ed Sheeran and see’s the septuplet dance their way across the screen, while incorporating international sign language into their performance. BTS has surpassed the K-Pop genre which gave them their start, and has continued to share their message of love and unity. Their latest dance moves, which are purposefully easier is a gift to their fans known as ARMY. By choosing cheoreography that uses sign language, in such fluidity, its clear this power-packed music group is taking all their fans into consideration as they promote music for healing and unity. “Permission to Dance” is a track meant to be enjoy, a song that urges us to look to the future; one where masks aren’t needed and hugs are welcome. BTS has clearly struck a chord not only with their legions of worldwide ARMY fans, but with people around the world in general. “Permission to Dance” shattered records upon its debut. The song quickly escalated, and then skyrocketed into the millions upon millions of views. Within the first 24hrs BTS’ new bop could boast 70million views on YouTube. This was only surpassed the next day, this might be the fastest growing view count in a song debut’s history. Not only has “Permission to Dance” broken YouTube streaming records, it has also topped the popular music streaming site Spotify. The song is ranked #1 in 92 countries and counting. To make matters even more impression BTS hold the title of top streaming debuts for three of their songs “Dynamite,” “Butter,” and now “Permission to Dance.” Making it clear if there was any doubt that BTS is in a competition all their own, if we’re gauging musical records. Besides their fawless unity when recording vocals, the group’s ability to dance and present such visually engaging music videos set them apart. Truly a group whose music has transcended both language and culture. Let us know what you think of their latest hit single. We can’t wait to see what these men come up with next.