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Meghan Trainor Reveals the Least Helpful Parenting Advice She Received

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Expectant and new moms receive all sorts of wisdom from well-meaning sources. 

“Sleep now! You won’t be able to later!” (If only that’s how sleep worked, we’d have banked ours up during kindergarten nap time.) “Ohhhhhh, enjoy this phase. You’ll blink and they’ll be going to college!” (That probably feels true, but telling an exhausted, anxiety-ridden new parent they should be relishing the moment more is not the look.) 

And like those largely unhelpful tropes, Meghan Trainor got one piece of advice that she was not all about. 

“You know what I didn’t like,” Trainor recently told E! News, recounting the negative chatter she heard both when announcing her engagement to now-husband Daryl Sabara and her subsequent pregnancy, “they would say, like, ‘Oh, sit down,’ to my husband. Like, ‘Just keep your head down and stay out of her way.’ Or, like, ‘Once you have a kid, it’s their life now and you’re in it.'”

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