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Madonna Shows Support To Britney Spears Amid Her Conservatorship Battle – Calls It A ‘Violation of Human Rights!’

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Madonna has some very strong opinions on fellow singer Britney Spears’ conservatorship situation and she did not hesitate to make them public! The star took to social media earlier today, to slam the conservatorship that Britney is under, calling it a ‘human rights violation.’

It’s very clear that Madonna is a massive supporter of the ‘Free Britney’ movement just like many of her fans!

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The artist took to her Instagram Stories to post a picture of herself wearing a Britney Spears shirt.

Alongside it, she wrote a very powerful message that reads:

‘Give this woman her whole life back. Slavery was abolished long ago! Death to the greedy patriarchy that’s been doing this to women for centuries. This is such a violation of human rights! Britney we’re coming to Get you out of jail!’

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This came on the same day that Britney also shared her thoughts freely on social media, telling haters to ‘kiss [her] a**.’

The clap back seemingly came after some criticism over her decision to share a topless picture online the day before.

As for Madonna, this is not the first time that she shows support to Britney Spears.

On June 29, she shared a throwback pic of herself kissing Britney back in 2003 at the MTV Video Music Awards.

This was, in fact, her response to Lil Nas X kissing a male dancer during his BET Awards performance a couple of days before.

‘#diditfirst,’ she captioned the old early 2000s pic.

This got her in some hot water, however, since Lil Nas X is actually gay and trying to normalize LGBTQ PDA on TV while Madonna and Britney are not, their PDA at the MTV Music Awards being just for fun and edginess, especially at the time.

In reality, the two artists were just friends but their kiss still got the public talking for many years!

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