Jenna Ortega Discusses The Importance Of Showing Mixed Families On Screen!

Jenna Ortega emphasized just how important it is for young people of color to see diverse families on the big and small screens. Ortega’s new Netflix film, ‘Yes Day’ stars Jennifer Garner and Édgar Ramirez as the parents of her character, Katie Torres, a rebellious teen who is tired of hearing her mother and father, always telling her no.

While the movie is all about these two parents giving their three children a so-called Yes Day, in which they can make their own rules, it also shows viewers a family that can resonate and look a lot like their own.

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While chatting with ET last month, the young actress opened up about the movie and why it is so important that people see more diverse families on screen!

‘I think it is important because I feel like we are getting to a time where that is most families. I feel like many families are mixed in one way or another. I think because Hollywood’s been lacking on its representation and showing people with different cultural backgrounds on screen, I feel like sometimes they go really hard one way or the other. It is either no diversity or it is just forcing it and pushing it too much.’

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As far as the 18 year old is concerned, showing differences rather than similarities causes a lot of division, be it in such fictional stories or in real life!

‘I feel like when we make such a division between the two, we are kind of dividing and separating ourselves even more. So, when we show it in a more casual setting where it is acknowledged, but not to the extent where they are shoving it down your throat, it is very normal and it is very fun and it’s united and sweet.’

Finally, perhaps the most important part about the movie is that it gives other young people of color out there the opportunity to just see themselves represented.

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