May 23, 2022


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GAYCATION Travel Show Hosted By LGBTQ+ Travel Expert Ravi Roth

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GAYCATION MAGAZINE has launched their brand-new digital travel show, GAYCATION TRAVEL SHOW, hosted by LGBT+ travel expert & YouTube content creator, Ravi Roth.

Named as Gaycities “Best Insta Traveler of 2019” and Metrosource‘s “People We Love in 2020,” Roth has trekked the globe, exploring Queer culture in over 32 countries, documenting his travels through his own RAVI ROUND THE WORLD brand.

Each week on Fridays, GAYCATION TRAVEL SHOW will air episodes exclusively through Gaycation Magazine’s official YouTube channel. Viewers will be treated to various experiences based around the people who live in the destinations, and will learn more about the Queer perspective in each city, the best places to stay, eat and explore, as well as what to pack for each location. This season highlights locations including Manhattan, Brighton (UK), Vancouver, Tulsa, Orlando, Mount Dora, Brooklyn, Cedar Rapids and Chicago.

With PRIDE in full swing and the world opening after a year plus of lock down, we had to pick Ravi’s brain about the best spots to travel and of course ask him when Los Angeles would make the list!

When did you first discover your love of travel? 

The first time I ever traveled solo, I was 29 years old on my way to Hamburg to meet my ex but I thought I would have a few sensible days in Berlin to explore. It was exhilarating. It was scary being on my own, yet an innate sense of wonderment and curiosity came over me. It was that moment that I knew travel would become my life. 

How did you get into the travel industry and make it into a career?

I started Vlogging about my experiences in each destination and I put the videos on YouTube. They were raw and unpolished, yet I had an interesting point of view that started to get recognized. My talent manager, Jeremy Katz, told me I could have a career as a travel host. I just needed more finesse. I then met Anna Garwood, former program development manager at the Travel Channel and she took me under her wing. She knew I had a star quality, but needed help with format. Anna left Travel Channel and I started to get more and more opportunities to trek the globe. I joined the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) and started working with tourism boards to make tailored videos of Queer culture in each city. 32 countries later I now am a full time Queer travel Vlogger for my own channel, Ravi Round The World and host of Gaycation Travel Show.

How did the Gaycation show come about and what can viewers expect? 

The show came about in the stillness of Covid-19. DJ Doran, who is the CEO of Aequalitas Media and GAYCATION Magazine had auditions for his new show ‘Gaycation Travel Show.’  I auditioned to be the host of the show and got offered the job. We got to really take our time and craft what this show would become. We started off wanting 12 episodes with 12 different guests on the ground covering each city. We realized that lockdowns were super varied around the world. No one knew that Covid would last as long as it did so we had to pivot majorly. Our first season is 8 episodes and we are telling the stories of destinations making their comeback post Covid-19. Some cities I am hosting in person and some we work with local guest influencers. Fear has played such a large part over the last year and a half and we all collectively learned that we don’t know when our time is up. We want audiences to be inspired to travel in a post pandemic world. We cover practical travel including safety, how to pack and prepare, Queer history, Queer culture, nightlife, and tips from locals. Our show airs Fridays on our YouTube Channel and

What’s your favorite place that you’ve ever been? and Why?

Capetown, South Africa. The cost of living is super affordable, the men are gorgeous, the vegetarian cuisine is fantastic, and the views are out of this world. I love when a city has nature, Queer beaches, and incredible art. Hiking Lion’s Head and looking over the city of Capetown was the most EPIC view I have ever seen. Capetown Pride was also incredibly small but mighty and the city came out to support! It was a total blast!

What city on the show are you most excited for audiences to see?

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Cedar Rapids is known as a “drive by” city, but the amount of Queer culture is legendary. I stayed for a week and could have stayed another couple of weeks. The kindness that the Queer community exuded was beyond welcoming. Cedar Rapids is not known as a top tier destination, but they certainly act like they are!

June is PRIDE, what does that mean for you and the LGBTQ+ community?

Pride for me means to unapologetically live out loud. It is also a fight for equality and recognition. We are not equal until we are ALL equal. That includes our Black, Brown, Asian, differently abled, and trans brothers and sisters. We must lift up marginalized voices and pay homage to where we came from. The baby boomer generation laid the groundwork for us to be ourselves and we must not forget that. It’s also a celebration of LOVE. After all, Love is Love is Love!

What is your favorite spot for travelers coming to Los Angeles?

I LOVE the Westside. A lot of folks come to LA and just hang out in WeHo. Don’t get me wrong, I adore WeHo but the Westside is more of a Brooklyn vibe. A perfect LA day consists of going for a run, swimming at Venice Beach, taking a stroll down Abbot Kinney for vintage shopping and ending with cocktails at the Queer bar, Roosterfish. 

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