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Film Director Of ‘Coming Apart’ Was 85 – Deadline

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Milton Moses Ginsberg, who developed a cult following for his low-budget indie films Coming Apart and The Werewolf of Washington, died May 23 in Manhattan. He was 85 and died from cancer, according to his wife, Nina Ginsberg.

Ginsberg was a film editor when his ambitions led him to make Coming Apart in 1969. The black and white film used a static camera to document Rip Torn as a psychiatrist who records his trysts with a hidden camera. The film received a good review from Richard Schickel, but some others – notably Andrew Sarris of the Village Voice – panned it.

Undaunted, Ginsberg tried again in 1973 with The Werewolf of Washington, which featured Dean Stockwell as a White House staffer who turns into a werewolf at inopportune times and murders characters based on well-known Washington figures of the era.

In his later years, Ginsberg made short video essays.

He is survived by his wife.

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