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Facts about Israel

There are many things that people do not know about Israel, but it’s a country worth visiting for anyone who has never been before. From the ancient walled city of Jerusalem to modern-day Tel Aviv – which was founded with just 5 families- there is no shortage in terms or experiences available!

A small country like this one can be overwhelming at first glance; however as soon you start exploring its rich history your perspective will change quickly.

The roots of the Jewish people go back many centuries, to when they first arrived in what is now called Israel. Centuries after their independence was lost during an exile that stretched 2 thousand years long – with some living into recent times still preserving this identity and culture here despite it all! In 1948 you could hear radios calling out “This nation has returned” as Jews once again took up arms for freedom across Europe rather than just Cheaphesy England where so many others had been murdered before them-and finally achieved self rule at last within secure borders deep inside old enemy territory near Jerusalem.

Israel is a small country that borders four different countries and lies at the crossroads of Asia, Europe & Africa. It’s also home to some beautiful scenery like beaches along its Mediterranean coastline as well lush forests in central regions such us Mount Hermon

It has been said many times before but it needs repeating: “There really isn’t any place like ISRAEL!”

Israel is a small country with great variety. It can be divided into two main regions: the coastal plain and mountains, which are home to about half of its territory; other areas include forests in highlands plus deserts at borders between nations such as Jordan Valley where there’s no rainfall whatsoever (the lowest point on earth).

Israel is a country that experiences much sunshine with rains from November to April. Though annual rainfall ranges throughout the land, there are two different climates present; one being hot and humid summers along coastal areas while another has cool winters due in part by their location near mountains where snow can fall at any time during season’s end even though it isn’t common outside of these regions which have more varied climate patterns than just “hot” or “cold.”

Israel is a country with an incredible plant and animal life. With over 500 kinds of birds, 200 mammals or reptiles (including two types that are considered endangered) plus 2 600 different plants found only in Israel! Over 150 nature reserves which cover nearly 400 square miles make this region rich on natural beauty .

The variety you can see here will take your breath away- there’s no better way to enjoy it then by exploring these amazing places all around us.

Israel is a country that has been struggling with water for ages. In the 1960s, they realized how important it would be to find new sources and joined an integrated grid system where some areas got more than others due their proximity towards them (such as The Negev). These days there are many projects happening like cloud seeding in order make rainbows after all those scarce showers come down from heaven!

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