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Erica Mena & Safaree Samuels Son Remains In The NICU While Safaree Celebrates His Birthday In Jamaica

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Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels’ relationship has seen better days, and while the two decipher what the fate of their union will be, they are also celebrating the birth of their baby boy. Erica and Safaree recently welcomed their second child together, Legend Brian Samuels, who remains in the NICU after being born early.

Erica has been quite candid with her fans about the birth of her and Safaree’s baby boy, and Erica reflects on having to be at home with their two children while Safaree is in Jamaica celebrating his birthday.

“So far 5 out of the ten days I felt lost. I’m feeling guilty, confused and scared,” Erica wrote on Instagram. “I’ve been getting phone calls and receiving messages. Im asked a million times how I’m doing and if I’m ok. But how can you be doing? Can you really be ok right now?”

She continued saying, “BUT I remind myself, they love me. They might not understand, but they want to. This journey I’m on, feels long. It has been tough. I’m taking steps forward, and I’m taking some back. I have good days, and I’m preparing for the bad ones.”

As we previously reported, Erica filed for divorce from Safaree just after the two announced they were having their second child together. Since then, we haven’t seen much of them together. Safaree was pictured, however, with his newborn son on the day he was born, but has in been Jamaica living his best left ever since.

Erica also accused Safaree of sleeping with Kaylin Garcia recently, as he was out partying for his birthday. Kaylin has denied the allegations.

Keep Erica and Safaree in your prayers during this difficult time, Roomies.

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