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Ellen Pompeo Reacts to Grey’s Fan Calling Last Season “Trash”

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Ellen Pompeo is surprisingly open to hearing all types of feedback from Grey’s Anatomy fans as the long-running medical drama heads into season 18. 

The 51-year-old actress tweeted her reaction after a fan of the show criticized the recently completed season 17 as “dumpster [fire emoji] trash!” The fan noted, “I love the show but not this season.”

On Friday, June 18, Ellen posted quite the magnanimous message in response. “All good! Seventeen seasons we can’t please everyone all the time,” the star wrote. “it’s definitely not easy keeping it going and keeping it great… I get it…thanks for checking it out anyway… and thanks for your feedback it matters …sending you love [prayer-hands and kiss emoji].”

But Ellen wasn’t done yet with weighing in on the fan’s appraisal. When a different user praised Ellen for shutting down the criticism, the actress clarified that she wasn’t actually bothered by the initial comment.

“No honestly no shade at all …the only show I’ve ever stuck with until the end was The Sopranos,” Ellen posted.

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