October 1, 2022


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Donald Trump Ohio Rally Today To Target Republican Impeachment Voter – Deadline

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Former President Donald Trump is going RINO hunting today in Ohio, rallying in support of a challenger to a Republican representative who voted to impeach him.

Ohio Rep. Anthony Gonzalez is the target of today’s Trump “Save America” rally, with Trump hoping to boost support for Max Miller, a former aide of the 45th president, who is challenging Gonzalez in the district’s Republican primary next year. It is Trump’s first rally since the January 6 event at the Capitol.

Trump, whose own political future is murky (some say he may use the rally to make his 2024 aspirations clear) is planning to go after the 10 Republicans who sided with Democrats in his impeachment by the House of Representatives. Newsmax will televise the rally on its television channel and on its website.

The Ohio rally will be the first of three public appearances for Trump, who will have a trip to the US Mexico border with Texas Governor Greg Abbott on June 30, followed by a rally in Sarasota, Florida on July 3. The Ohio rally has already seen several supporters camping out in anticipation of the event, starting on Wednesday.

Today’s rally is also seen by some as a way to gauge Trump’s support in the wake of his presidential defeat. The rally is scheduled for a fairground in Wellington, Ohio, about 40 miles southwest of Cleveland, and starts at 4  PM Pacific/7 PM ET.

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