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Dominic Monaghan To Star In AMC Drama From Peter Ocko – Deadline

Lord of The Rings and Lost actor Dominic Monaghan will star in Peter Ocko’s AMC series Moonhaven. He is the first actor to be cast in the upcoming utopia drama.

Created, produced and written by Ocko, Moonhaven is about a utopian colony on the Moon that may hold the keys to preserving life on Earth, which has become increasingly perilous. The series, produced by AMC Studios, is set to debut on AMC and AMC+ next year.

Moonhaven follows Bella Sway, a lunar cargo pilot and smuggler 100 years in the future who finds herself accused of a crime and marooned on Moonhaven, a utopian community set on a 500 square mile Garden of Eden built on the Moon to find solutions to the problems that will soon end civilization on Mother Earth. A skeptic in Paradise, Bella is sucked into a conspiracy to gain control of the artificial intelligence responsible for Moonhaven’s miracles and teams with a local detective to stop the forces that want to destroy Earth’s last hope before they are destroyed themselves.

Ocko will serve as showrunner and executive produces with Deb Spera.

Monaghan will take on Paul Serno, a detective on the Moon in a utopian community tasked with solving the problems of Earth.

The actor recently wrapped his time on Edge of the World, where he appears opposite Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and Tim Kirby’s Waldo, featuring Mel Gibson and Charlie Hunnam.

He is set to appear in the virtual reality drama Dark Threads for Cream Productions. His additional acting credits include Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and Wild Things, which he hosts and produces.

In May Monaghan, along with The Lord of the Rings co-star Billy Boyd launched The Friendship Onion podcast for Kast Media.

Monaghan is repped by Buchwald and Morris Yorn.

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