Class 11 Biology: Strategies for Best Performance

CBSE Class 11 is a critical year in the academic life of every student that, unfortunately, the students incline to take lightly. The completion of CBSE Class X Board exams and that of even the excitement of becoming a senior at school, together make the student stress-free and that of cheerful. In this excitement, the students skip or simply miss that Class 11 is quite crucial for them since it sets the base for any competitive exam that they are aiming for in the times to come or in future.

It is good that you have proper ncert solutions class 11 biology and you are thinking about preparing. But are you really serious about the strategies or the ways you would prepare for it? Come on, since you have the newly discovered freedom of becoming a senior, you often tend to forget that Class 11 is quite tough and you need to maintain a balance between studies and that of overall entertainment. Most of the students are there who tend to take Class 11 lightly that actually down the lane turn out to be a headache for them. With huge syllabus along with time running so fast between school and that of tuitions, students require to understand that they must juggle everything at once. Hence , this post brings you certain tips to enhance your preparation for the exam.

Leaf through Syllabus  properly

Class 11 Syllabus is quite huge . Students can easily make a quick mistake of overlooking certain types of important concepts and topics. Thus, they must make sure that they are well aware of the latestsyllabus that has been prescribed by CBSE. Remember, it is no smartness of saving your time by not reading the syllabus and assuming that it is the same as previous year. There are often changes, no matter minor or major , in syllabus.

Regular routine is a must for your prep

Being a student of class 11th, you must study for 2-3 hours regularly. In case you leave topics or concepts for the last minute, you would not be in a position to learn them all since mugging up is not really an option with Class 11 biology. The student must havea habit of understanding the concepts first and only then learning all of them. Once you have a regular routine of studying and consuming the concepts, you would thoroughly learn it from your heart. It would nowhere be mugging up.

Annelize well

Now, analysing is one more powerful action that being a student you must incorporate in yourself. The concepts of Class 11 biology must be analysed and you must link it up to real life situations before you learn it. The point is once you connect the topics to the real-life incidents and happenings; you can retain the concepts in mind for a longer period of time. Hence, you can be sure that you learn and not just learn but understand it to the roots. In this way, even if the paper setter plays with the questions and toss something or the other around for you; you can manage to solve it all through your understanding. After all, questions do not come as it is, they are always played with by the question setter.

Practice maximum possible questions

Being a student, you must solve as many questions as you can. Practicing is the main ingredient for scoring high marks. No NCERT question must be left unsolved. In case you aim for competitive exams or medical entrance exams in the future like NEET, then you must practice questions from HC Verma as well as RD Sharma.  The point is no matter biology or any other subject in class 11th, practicing is important. And for material you can always check out platforms like Infinity Learn and get all the material in the best quality along with the solutions for you. Hence, once you practice the questions, you would be sure that you prepare well. The more you solve the questions, the better understand you get about the areas where you lack and where you don’t and not to forget that onceyuo solve different types of biology questions repeatedly every now and then, you become really better at your prep and performance. Your mind begins to think like solving diverse questions back-to-back. And this is one thing that helps you for sure during your exam.

Test yourself occasionally

Then, solving questions is one thing, solving sample papers or even better taking up mock tests is really helpful. It would ensure that you solve the tests and know about how you are doing real life. Moreover, you would also get to know about the type of questions you may have to encounter in the exam. So, make it a habit to solve the practice tests or mock tests occasionally. It would cement your biology prep and performance.


To sum up, whether ncert solutions for class 11 biology chapter1 or any other concept of any other chapter; you can ace it all with your constant and strategical prep.


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