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Britney Spears Poses In Hot Maid Costume And Slams Her Conservatorship Restrictions In Deleted Post!

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Right before her second conservatorship hearing, Britney Spears took to her go-to platform, Instagram , to once again talk about how it’s been restricting her life and freedoms for so many years! Check out what she had to say!

Britney Spears posted a pic of herself in a maid costume and alongside it, she sarcastically shared her thoughts on the situation on the eve of her second court hearing!

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However, the post has been deleted in the meantime but fans were able to get plenty of screenshots of her words.

The photos show the pop star in a yellow and black maid costume and the caption, in which she blasted some of the rules of her longtime conservatorship read:

‘Like I said … my maids may have been able to get their nails [nail emoji] done during COVID after salons opened, but f**k … at least my maid outfit was the hottest [three winking emojis] !!!’

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A few minutes after deleting the post, Britney reposted the images of her posing in the maid costume but this time around, the caption only showed three red shoe emojis!

The original caption was a reference to her court hearing last month when she claimed that she was not even allowed to get her nails done during the pandemic as she was told ‘there were no services available.’

‘My mom went to this spot twice in Louisiana during COVID-19. For a year, I did not have my nails done—no hairstyling, no massages and no acupuncture. Nothing for a whole year, I saw the maids in my house each week with their nails done a different way each time. She made me feel just like my dad does, really similar her behavior and my dad, just a different dynamic team wants me to just work and stay at home instead of having longer vacations,’ she shared at the time.

Britney has requested for her 13 years long conservatorship to come to an end.

The next hearing in her case is scheduled to take place tomorrow!

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