Brendan Fraser Shocks Fans With Massive Weight Gain For Role Of 600 Pound Man – ‘Unrecognizable!’

The actor showed up on the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York the other day and his new appearance shocked many! After all, Brendan Fraser has gained a lot of weight for a role!

According to some reports, the star formerly known for his fit body portrays a morbidly obese man weighing nearly 600 pounds in the film, The Whale!

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With that being said, he had to pack on the pounds, although it doesn’t really look like he’s quite there yet!

Brendan Fraser has been on hiatus from his acting career for the past five years but his return is sure to grab a lot of attention!

After all, he was committed to gaining so much weight for the leading role in a movie about a teacher stuck on his couch and constantly gaining weight to a really dangerous level.

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As for his appearance at the festival, Fraser was wearing a classic, black and blue suit while posing for the flashing cameras with a big smile, on the red carpet.

Fans were very surprised to see how much he has changed for the upcoming role, which is why many took to their platforms to talk about it and even make before and after collages, comparing the actor’s usually fit self in action and adventure roles, to his current appearance.

Here are some of their reactions: ‘Unrecognizable.’ / ‘It can’t be Brendan Fraser!’ / ‘Wow! Is it the same Brendan from The Mummy?’

And these are only a few of the posts about it on Instagram and Twitter.

The actor was not in any way bothered by the fascination everyone seemed to have with his new appearance at the festival, even posing for selfies with all fans who wanted one as well!

Are you looking forward to watching Brendan Fraser’s upcoming new movie?

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