Angelina Jolie – Inside The Sweet Surprise Her Kids Had For Her Birthday!

On Angelina Jolie ‘s birthday, her six kids surprised her with dinner and she could not be any happier about it! The young ones planned the outing and everything and there is no doubt that the Hollywood star had ‘the best time!’

That’s right! It turns out that earlier this month, Angelina Jolie enjoyed some delicious food at Tao Los Angeles while in the company of her beloved children and it was all planned by them without her prior knowledge!

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The family was caught on camera entering the restaurant and Jolie was beaming.

Now, a few days after the birthday celebration took place, one insider tells HollywoodLife that ‘They [the Jolie-Pitt kids] arranged a surprise birthday dinner for Angie and had every detail planned down to her outfit. They all think that she works too hard and does not ever do anything for herself, so they were really excited to take her on this ‘date night.’ They arranged the reservation and they even picked out an outfit for her, it was truly beyond sweet. They all chipped in to pay the bill, she says they would not even let her see it. She was so touched they wanted to spoil her in that way, she had the best time.’

While that is very touching, Angelina’s kids have done things like this for her before!

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The insider went on to dish that ‘Angelina’s kids make her feel like the luckiest mom in the whole world every day, but especially on her birthdays. Ever since they were little, birthdays have been quite a big deal in the house. As tiny kids they would be helping to fix her breakfast in bed, making her cards and other special art projects. Now that they are older, things have gotten a lot more sophisticated but this year tops the list.’

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