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Amanda Seyfried Posts Previously Unseen Pic From Mean Girls

There’s a 30 percent chance we’re feeling nostalgic about Mean Girls.

Amanda Seyfried, who starred as Karen Smith in the 2004 flick from Tina Fey, shared a brand-new Instagram pic on July 9 from the set of Mean Girls featuring many of the movie’s stars. Seyfried’s pic included Lindsay Lohan, Lacey Chabert, Jonathan Bennett, Daniel Franzese and Lizzy Caplan. Seyfried said in a comment the photo was taken at a restaurant.

The actor who played the ditzy high schooler captioned her ‘gram, “#FBF weekends in 2003, baby.”

Franzese, who brought Damian to life, commented on the pic, “You look just as young and beautiful still,” before reposting the image on his own profile.

“It’s almost like we really went to high school together at this point,” he wrote in the caption on his repost. “#Fbf via the timeless @mingey [Seyfried].”

Chabert, the actor behind Gretchen Wieners, also circulated the pic on her page.

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