6 Inspirational Celebrity Wear to Know

Most people believe that celebrity wear is so expensive that they cannot get inspired by it or replicate it. Yes, celebrities have stepped out before donning extremely costly wear. For example, you might recall the $125,000 Christian Dior dress Melania Knauss wore when she wedded Donald Trump.

But there are super trendy, relatively cheaper celebrity styles you can try for yourself. A perfect example is the $28 Puma bra once worn by Selena Gomez. It did not look good just because a celeb got her hands on it; you can also pull the same look off if you are brave enough to try it.

This article will take a more in-depth look at inspirational celebrity wear you should know. It will be an excellent idea to go ahead and try them for yourselves and see the results. This includes jewelry that will help put the finishing touches and enhance the look.

Let’s get into it.

1.The One Shoulder Trend

Inspirational Celebrity Wear

One of the best celebrity wear trends for ladies is the one-shoulder dress. Britney Spears is an example of a celebrity who once wore a dress with this fabulous design to an event. You can also pull a celebrity look by shopping on the internet for one-shoulder dresses.

You can choose your best color from the options available – Britney wore red! Also, ensure you find one that fits you best to achieve the desired look. Well, the dress will take your body shape, but that won’t change how you’ll look in the end, especially if you love bright colors.

2.Fashion Jewelry Trends

Inspirational Celebrity Wear

Jewelry is also worth mentioning when looking for inspirational celebrity wear. Celebrities have influenced fashion trends with different jewelry since the early days of Hollywood. Excellent examples include Jennifer Aniston’s stud earrings and Gwyneth Paltrow’s drop earrings.

Other celebrities considered stylish with jewelry include Madonna, Brittany Murphy and Jennifer Lopez. We guarantee that you won’t go wrong if you draw inspiration from these celebs. There’s no doubt that jewelry like a tennis bracelet will help ensure that you look trendy and elegant.

You only need to find a tennis bracelet that will please your eye. Also, remember that the care and maintenance you provide will determine how long the bracelet will maintain its shine. It will help to learn everything about how to care for fashion jewelry like tennis bracelets.

3.The Mesh Trend

Another kind of dress gaining popularity today is the mesh design. You might have already seen celebrities wearing such a dress. An excellent example of a star who once wore a mesh dress is Meghan Markle. You’ll like how classy it looks on any body type, including yours.

You can search for the mesh dress online as multiple designers make and sell it. The mesh covers your upper chest, shoulders and hands. The rest of the body isn’t meshed, similar to what Meghan wore. This style is unique and won’t go out of fashion anytime soon.

4.The Strapless Jumpsuit Trend

You can also consider trying the strapless jumpsuit for yourself. It is among the trending styles that celebrities have worn in the past. Kendall Jenner is one of the celebrities who’ve worn this design. This was at the 2018 Met Gala, and it looked cool as she walked the carpet alone.

All you need is the correct size for your body and shape. Thankfully, you won’t go wrong with it, especially if you’re going to an event. You may also opt for a jumpsuit that has straps on the shoulders. But that’s an entirely different style that we might need to cover separately.

5.The Blazer Dress Trend

Inspirational Celebrity Wear

This can be an excellent pick for you if you love your dresses above the knee. As the name suggests, this style is neither a blazer nor a dress from the look. Thus, it ends just above the knees, and you can choose to complement it with netted wear down to your legs if you don’t love it that short.

The celebrity who wore this design best was Dua Lipa. She pulled the sleek black blazer dress look in Washington for a screening of Hive. Being one of the stylish celebrities, many other people have tried the same look at the event and all looked great in it.

Thus, it’s one of those looks you should consider, especially for dinner dates and parties. It is one of the most polished and easy to wear outfits for such an event. You cannot go wrong with it as long as you find a fitting size and don it for the correct event.


Inspirational Celebrity Wear

This is an accessory that many celebrities have been wearing. You can try it to see how it looks on you, but we’re certain you’ll look like a star. Some global stars who’ve worn sweatbands before include; David Beckham, Roger Federer, Blair Waldorf, Elizabeth Banks, and Tara Reid.

You can choose different ways to wear sweatbands with inspiration from such celebs. Also, there are various designs out there, so consider your needs when going for the sweatband hunt. If you are a sportsperson, you can find a headband explicitly made for your type of sport.

7.Shirtless & Suits

This is the easiest yet one of the trendiest celebrity fashion styles you can try today. If you love wearing suits, why not ditch that shirt next time when stepping out? Yes, we mean going shirtless like Jonah Hill at the premiere of the Netflix movie Don’t Look Up.

Going shirtless and suits is a trend growing in popularity among fashion enthusiasts. It is worth trying because pulling it is effortless as long as you have a suit. If you’ve been working on your body, why not show it off with this style, especially if going on a dinner party or fashion event.

8.Sheer Tops

A sheer top is also worth thinking about if you want to go semi-shirtless. Harry Styles is a perfect example of a celebrity that has stepped out before in this outfit. It is excellent for showing off what’s going on under, whether it is abs you’ve been working on or the tattoos you recently got.

This style is perfect for the summer, especially when you need something light. Also, you can wear it to fun night-outs together with a relaxed suit. Besides style, it provides ventilation that allows your skin pores to breathe. It’s worth trying if you love experimenting with fashion.


Now you know that pilling off that celebrity look isn’t as difficult as people think it is. Like what you’ve just read in this post, most people lack the inspiration to help them start trying these styles. We believe you now know what to shop for and ensure you step out looking like your favorite movie, music, or football stars.

Besides clothes, jewelry is one of the most expensive wears. However, there are still other celebrity styles to copy, including jewelry. A tennis bracelet, for instance, can be worth trying if you want to get the sparkle and brilliance that such jewelry can bring.

However, it would be best if you are also mindful that jewelry will require utmost care. Otherwise, a piece like a tennis bracelet can lose its shine if you do not maintain it properly despite being durable and flexible. Thus, ensure you know how to take care of jewelry, and you’ll realize jewelry can last a lifetime.

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